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The fashion search engine that includes personal image advice for better shopping experience online & offline.


The Asmodine Search Engine modifies deeply our relationship to clothing by offering a full personal image advice, thanks to its own complementary technologies :

  • –  Artificial Intelligence
  • –  Augmented reality,
  • –  Deep learning,
  • –  Algorithms,
  • –  Data science,
  • –  Iot.

Have you ever dreamt about a full image consulting ?

A professional, giving you personal advice on :

  • –  Colours that suites you the best,
  • –  Cuts of clothing that enhance your body the most (size and shape),
  • –  The style which is yours, the one that matches the most with your personality,
  • –  Trends that you can use to be always up to date in fashion,
  • –  The best pieces of outfit you can afford with your budget,
  • –  Places, stores, where you can find your productsShoppers need advice, but unfortunately they get less and less- They are alone on e-shopping websites
    – They do not receive advice in physical stores because of less and less vendors.

    The Asmodine fashion search engine includes personal image advice for a better shopping experience online & offline

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and meet us at the FashionTechDays, the European reference for innovation in the Fashion industry, taking place on the 29/30 October 2018 in Roubaix, France.

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