Fashion is changing, for its next edition, FASHIONTECHDAYS 2017 wants to melt technological innovations and Textile.
This year the BtoB meeting focuses on “Human in the heart of Innovation“.
Fashion is more than clothing: it Does good, Makes life easier and Does more with networks.

This event is set up in cooperation with partners of FashionTech from other regions that were already involved in previous editions (Start-up, schools and et Media, FashionTech), It aims to simplify our lives with new textile innovations. The FASHIONTECHDAYS is also interested in the quickness of  relations and services, with an always more efficient network: collaboration, influencers, ecosystems, fablabs,…

The FASHIONTECHDAYS will also focus on how Fashion can care for Human and Nature. But this meeting also wants to question on technological innovations that can facilitate our lives. The FASHIONTECHDAYS wishes to give the world, a new way to consider Fashion.
In order to get an immediate implementation, one must adapt to everyone’s tastes. That regards the notion of services, 3D, tailored garments, Artificial Intelligence made for profits, and this makes us consider links and customer experience with the brand, with a new eye in order to remove all conflicts.

Since their initial launch, three years ago, the FASHIONTECHDAYS face an increasing succès thanks to their conferences, keynotes, pitches, witness, workshops, round-tables, the student contest Hackamode, and the start-up prizes and trophy,…

This event gathers decision makers, entrepreneurs, designers, media, specialized press and bloggers.
It will be held next 19 and 20 of october in the CETI building, located in Roubaix, France.

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