Fitizzy logoIt’s really convenient to buy clothes on Internet. However it’s impossible to try them on. You order but the sizes and fitting are different from one brand to another.

Forget these bad shopping experiences and use Fitizzy, your new 2.0 shopping assistant.

Fitizzy teamThe idea was born further to the shopping experience of two men: Gaultier Monier et Sébastien Ramel.

Gaultier once ordered a perfect trousers’ size on Internet. But on another merchant’ site, selecting the same size, the fitting wasn’t good at all !

The market of online clothing is estimated to 4,4 billion € (FEVAD 2013).  With an average return rate of 20%,  the online ready-to-wear market has the highest return rate among all products categories that are sold online. The main reason for these returns is “problem in sizing” (65%).

FITIZZY headquarter in located in Brittany and the company operates from Euratechnologies, Lille, France.

FITIZZY is THE solution to the online size and  fitting problem since it was launched on June 10th, 2013.

The solution is implemented to its customers (the online retailers) in form of a monthly subscription. The application is free for final consumers. Once they have downloaded the app on, FITIZZY users can claim a measuring tape for free, so that they can use it to take the measures they will put in their profile  and create their morphological passport.

For partners online retailers, the price of the solution depends on the number of products they have in their catalog. Each contract is specially tailored to meet online retailing brands needs.

When using the app on a partner’s brand website, the final customer simply connects to his FITIZZY account, by a widget located on each product sheet. FITIZZY recommends the most appropriate size, given the technical information of the product and the customer measurement profile.

At then moment, FITIZZY has no competitors in France. Worldwide, some companies are seeking solutions to solve this sizing problem but there is no strong leader on the market.