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GUESSWORK, Onboard new users in Mobile website/Email

Guesswork start up will be exhibition at the FashionTechDays in Roubaix – They will present how they master deep learning to push the right product to users without history, directly from the landing page…
We help e-commerce companies to recommend products for new users without history
Don’t annoy users with signup popups. Engage them

We use deep learning to recommend products for your anonymous users and engage them. Once they are engaged, we ask them to enter their email address. If they don’t buy in the same session, we re-engage them on email and convert them into buyers.

Learn how we sign up your anonymous user and convert him into buyer in 4 easy steps:

Average Mobile Website User Visits Only 3 Pages

Engage Users With The Right Products

Mobile website users don’t sign in. Your existing personalization tools fail to engage these users without purchase or browsing history. We specialize in recommending products for users without history. Our deep learning algorithm analyses their demographic profile and digital footprint to recommend the right product directly on their landing page. It gets them hooked before they drop off.

95% Of Mobile Website Users Are Anonymous

Sign Up Anonymous Users

You want new users to signup on your website. But popups with discounts are annoying and are no longer effective. It also affects your SEO ranking. Our intelligent sign up widget engages these users with the right product recommendations. Once they are engaged, it asks them to enter their email address to save the products they liked. This boosts sign ups without annoying your users.

Mobile Website Has High Traffic, But Low Conversion

Increase Mobile Website Conversion

Your users are most likely to buy, if they find the products they want easily. Unfortunately, the mobile interface makes it hard to find products. So instead of making the users to search for products, we predict what users want and recommend them. We learn from your user’s response in real-time and adapt our recommendations. This helps them to shortlist products easily. Once they are done, we show them a summary of products to complete the checkout.

Average User Visits The Site 3 Times Before Buying

Re-Engage Users On Email

A typical user uses mobile website to browse products on the go, but revisits on desktop to research and buy. We track the user’s journey from an anonymous visitor to registered user. So, we understand their interest and intent very well. Based on that, we re-engage him with just 3 products that fits his budget. We find the events your marketing tools don’t target and compliment them.

Some of the largest e-commerce companies around the world choose us because we deliver results. We have built an exceptionally accurate machine learning algorithm over the last 3 years that makes it possible.

Meet us at the FashionTechDays, the European reference for innovation in the Fashion industry, taking place on the 29/30 October 2018 in Roubaix, France.

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