Let’s imagine a simple tablet, as a shop’s catalogue. That’s the concept created by Maxence Dislaire and IMPROVEEZE, No more need to have all the toys in store to make a purchase decision or run after the saler ! Digital cares for you.

Maxence DislaireThis start-up founded in 2010, provides solutions on interactive tablets or digital screen. IMPROVEEZE is the first company in phygital – physical and digital. It’s concept gathers these two worlds.

The company offers solutions mainly for retailers who want to make their point of sale a connected store. The start-up also provides a specially packaged solution that can be plugged to most e-commerce CMS. Among it’s customers are big French and International retailers such as : King Jouet, Mr Bricolage, Ikea, Leroy Merlin or Rue du Commerce.

IImproveeze - Phygital LabMPROVEEZE is member of the start-up selection committee of the NEXT FASHIONTECHDAYS.

On Novembre 19, 2015, the French start-up, based in Tourcoing (North of France), inaugurated it’s first phygital showroom of 30 square meters in a large Parisian store. This space aims to be a working, conception, and demonstration place for retailers. The boutique can be lend to customers for experiments. It is composed of 2 selling departments (toys and garments) and offers lots of phygital functionalities. This shop is like a laboratory devoted to never ending innovations focussing on connected commerce.

Tens of retailing brands are already equipped with solutions made by IMPROVEEZE : about 80% of King Jouet stores but also the 4 new POS of UNDIZ Machine

« It’s just a beginning », hopes the founder, Maxence Dislaire.

Depuis son passage à la Plaine Images, la start-up ne cesse d’évoluer. La société et sa vingtaine de collaborateurs ont traversé la rue pour s’installer dans un local plus spacieux avec boutique témoin. «  Ici, l’enseigne peut se mettre dans la peau du client  », explique Mélanie Aubergier, assistante de direction.