INNOTEX supports innovative textile projects. The incubator develops more than 20 projects.

It is the only one in France devoted to textile.

Sylvain Gérard is the director. The only condition for integrating INNOTEX is to create a start-up in Hauts-de-France. But companies from Paris area have been seduced by the infrastructure of the CETI and its environment.

Textile is increasingly being used as technical support in the innovative sectors of automotive, aeronautics, building, decoration, protection, health, clothing, etc.

The company, incubated with the CETI of Roubaix, is part of the selection committee Of FashionTechDays 2017.

The event will take place on 19 and 20 October.

Start-up incubated by INNOTEX
  • BIOTEX : Non-woven paramedical
  • CLIMAKID : Thermal comfort articles for children
  • DELTA 10 : Clothing fighting motion sickness
  • DOODERM : Clothes that help fight skin itch
  • Développement d’EPI : Ecological transition and sustainable development
  • FITIZZY : Shopping assistant
  • GIRD : Gestion, Innovation, Research and et Development
  • GLISS’INNOV : Buoyancy aid system
  • HUBMODE : Textile E-learning
  • JE DECORE MON VOLET : Decoration of roller shutters
  • LE LAB : Functionalized clothing
  • L’INVENTAIRE : High level eather goods
  • MILLE ECLAIRE : Home textile
  • SAFE BOAT EQUIPEMENT : Textile Containers
  • U EXIST : Customization of orthopedic appliances