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KidKit is a children’s clothing rental service for the holiday period.

KidKit in a Nutshell

KidKit is a children’s clothing rental service for the holiday period. KidKit allows families to travel without luggage for their children. Parents who use KidKit will enjoy “luggage-less” travel, thus saving time packing and checking bags at the airport. Once your trip is over, there are no dirty clothes to launder. KidKit takes care of that for you too. KidKit relieves unnecessary stress because it eliminates the risk of losing luggage at the airport because your clothes are waiting at your destination. Figure 6 shows a schematic of how it potentially works.

H&M is one of the global partners of Ellen MacArthur foundation committed to accelerate the transition to circular economy. By co-founding KidKit there could be several advantages within the Circular Economy network put in place by other partners such as Intesa San Paolo who is also part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Partners.

Potential customer and their needs to be satisfied

Parents travelling with young children have to spend precious time before, during and after leisure trips with their children. This includes luggage packing, along with the risk of completely losing their luggage. Although  mishandled luggage rates reach record low thanks to technology, 5.73 bags per thousand passengers went astray in 2016.

Reference Market

Target market is the family tourism market. Families represent a large and growing market for the tourism industry. Family tourism is driven by the increasing importance placed on promoting family togetherness, keeping family bonds alive and creating family memories. Predictions for the future of family travel are shaped by changes in demography and social structures. With global mobility families are increasingly geographically dispersed and new family markets are emerging. In particular what emerges is that the future of family tourism lies in capturing the increasing heterogeneity, fluidity and mobility of the family market.

By focusing on the family as a target market as the means of a collaborative solution for children’s needs, we advance gender justice. KidKit order is thought to be implemented by either a mother, a father or their children with regards to luggage preparation. This is also rising children’s awareness in order to build coherent independence when it comes to their responsibilities as part of their overall education.

Competitive advantage

The obvious benefit to the customer -which are young mothers-, is that it saves time and relieves stress because you don’t have to pack, check bags at the airport, and then collect luggage at your destination. Although mishandled luggage rates continue to drop, 5.73 bags per thousand passengers went astray in 2016 (Magnusson, 2017), which means a risk remains a risk. Almost all airlines require additional fees for luggage, which is often not built into the price of the ticket. These hidden fees add up quickly.

We will offer a kit with all the necessary items for children, aged three to twelve years old, at vacation destinations. In this way families will save money and won’t have to worry if they forgot to pack something at the last minute. Instead, they can choose the kit in the convenience of their own home prior to starting their vacation. We take care of the rest including making sure your kit arrives at your destination and then laundering it after it is returned to us in a prepaid box.


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