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Lottozero is a center for textile design, art and culture in Prato, Italy.



We operate both as a creative hub and as a consultancy studio. Our headquarters occupy a warehouse in the Macrolottozero area of Prato, about 1.5 km from the city center and close to most of the productive areas in and around the city. It is a total of 400 sqm and is divided into a gallery/exhibition area, a shared studio space/coworking and an open lab for textile production, experimentation and research.

Our CREATIVE HUB is aimed primarily at creative people operating in textiles and fashion, it responds to their need for space, their need for comparison with other European creators and access to information not available online. We also provide feedback, tutorship and the possibility to live and exhibit in this environment.

We encourage and support the development of emerging talent of textile art and design through international talent scouting and targeted residencies in our headquarters in Prato, one of the main textile districts of Europe. We bring talented, motivated, young European artists to Prato. We initiate an exchange between local textile production companies and young creatives. We are strongly present online using our social networks to post information about the textile world that surrounds and inspires us. Our physical space is open and accessible to anyone in the area.

Our COWORKING SPACE is a beautiful open space shared by artists, designers and other creative professionals from all over the world. It’s way more than a conventional coworking, our spaces are an open territory, where sharing techniques and knowledge in the textile field is encouraged, new collaborative ideas come to life every day and individual projects are enabled by using common resources. In our library we have a vast assortment of books, texts and magazines about textile, fashion and design that our coworkers can consult for work and research.

In our EXHIBITION SPACE we present the results of research and experiments developed by the artists and designers who work at Lottozero. We give space to artistic positions driven by an original and acute thought and place ourselves as an independent entity inside the standard art system and vessel for a wide range of creative visions. Recently we have started supporting and representing a small group of artists who use textiles and fibers for parts of their artistic production, we are present at art fairs and we organize curated exhibitions in guest spaces all over the world.

Our TEXTILE LABORATORIES are a practical work space equipped with machinery for experimentation and research on textile materials, through artisanal techniques, manuals and above all, techniques present in the Italian textile industry – knitting, silkscreen printing, felting, weaving, dying, tufting, sewing, laser cutting. The textile laboratory has the dual objective of giving a practical work space to the Lottozero design office, which carries out tests and experiments inherent to its commissions and consulting services, but above all its our mission to function as a open laboratory. We have a monthly program of courses and workshops and the laboratories are accessible to anyone who wishes to use them.

The LOTTOZERO RESIDENCE is the perfect place for fashion and textile designers coming to the industrial city of Prato. It includes the stay in our fully-equipped private apartment and the possibility to work inside the Lottozero / textile laboratories headquarters.

We also have an ONLINE SHOP where we feature a spectacular selection of the products and pieces by the designers, craftsmen and -women and artists of the Lottozero network. This has brought us some commissioned work as advising buyers for shops all over Europe.

Our CONSULTANCY STUDIO is aimed at designers, companies, brands and institutions, we provide personalized services to anyone interested in the world of textiles and fashion and support brands and companies to fulfill their potential. It’s not just about the traditional DESIGN OFFICE consultancy services like textile and fashion design, original artwork, trend and design research, material and production sourcing, prototyping and sampling, which of course we do and love. It’s a lot more about the often literal translation, mediation and negotiation of terms between designers and Italian manufacturing companies, we take advantage of our strategic position close to the best Italian manufacturing companies to personally oversee the complete supply chain and everything else that is going on. We complement the extensive knowledge, expertise and production capacity of the historical textile district by our huge and reliable network of excellent creative collaborators that we have scouted all over the world. While our in-house textile laboratories allow us to constantly experiment, create and prototype new ideas, this helps us to continuously design and develop innovative concepts for ourselves and others.

Last but not least we work with local, national and international institutions: museums, schools, fab labs, textile labs you name it, we create lessons, workshops and study curriculums, we develop educational, artistic projects and a variety of events related to fashion and textile, we organize visits to the textile district of Prato. Conveying young creatives where they would not be autonomously and giving them a space and the right connections in the business and industrial world allows for them to spread their culture, their knowledge, their creativity and vision and make it accessible to certain more closed – off parts of society, like the very traditional textile district.



Meet us at the FashionTechDays, the European reference for innovation in the Fashion industry, taking place on the 29/30 October 2018 in Roubaix, France.

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