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The first « heat-reactive » antipollution mask

Pollution is a growing modern day concern causing over 7 million premature deaths worldwide and numerous health issues. Protection against fine particulates has become increasingly important as people are growing more and more aware of the health risks.

Mask Generation’s founders have created a new type of product to filter particulates. After searching for masks to wear for their personal use, during their trips to work, they realised existing gear presented flaws, either in comfort, style or effectiveness.

Three years of research in ergonomics and technical textiles allowed them to develop a new product that adapts perfectly to each face, is comfortable to wear and breath in and a lot more stylish.


Mask Generation is the first ever heat reactive mask. By heating its surface with a hairdryer,  it settles into the shape of your face which not only means better comfort but also improved filtration. Indeed one of the main concerns with protective masks that had to be addressed is air leakage around the face.

Inside the mask a fine particulate filter can be changed once saturated which means the product is reusable. The mask filters fine particulates, pollen, dust and even certain viruses and bacteria. The mask can be worn for protection against fine particulates, and also for certain allergies.

Masks are on the way of becoming the next fashion accessory and we believe it is important to create collections people can be proud to wear, thanks to high quality products, made in France. Mask Generation sources high quality textiles to produce fashionable collections and limited couture editions.


Meet us at the FashionTechDays, the European reference for innovation in the Fashion industry, taking place on the 29/30 October 2018 in Roubaix, France.

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